14th Street

“I miss the way that it was; I miss the way it could be…”

It’s Valentine’s Day in New York, but the weather don’t care. February’s snowing and the city’s been under a gale. It’s closing on 1 am and you walk down fast on 7th Ave to reach the covert of the subway station at 14th Street. And then you hear it – faintly at first, but heartbroken and ubiquitous as you come down the stairs -, a solitary girl plays the cello and it’s you and the cold and the sounds of another lonely Valentine.

“14th Street” opens up with the dissonant echoes of street vaudeville. The bass line carries the melody and it lifts the track to a psychedelic explosion of spacey synths.

“I miss the way that it was; I miss the way it SHOULD be…”

“14th Street” was the first long distance work by Jette and Charlie, while he was living in New York. It was produced by Carlos Imperatori in Miami, who unearthed the bass and found the right balance between the eeriness and the sadness of the string arrangement. The ‘enhanced lyrics video’ was shot at Marienbad Studios with the help of Dalla Luna and LeadMiami. 

The subway finally comes and it pulls you away. The spell is broken. You join a few couples coming back from their romantic dinners and as the snow falls on your shoulders, you slowly make your way back home. 

“No need to hurry now. He’ll never find out now.”

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14th Street
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