How do you go from the image of a naked bride with religious undertones to that of a golden elf from the forests, in three easy steps? Involve Angela Fischer, sprinkle some gold dust, serve.

Browsing through old thrift shops, I came across a vintage bride veil. Soon afterwards (or was it shortly before?) I saw a post from Violetta – a candid nude with sordid colors that managed the impossible task of not being overtly sexual – that catalyzed my exact mood.

Enter Angie. She seizes the gold dust on my shelf, and before you can say ‘Galadriel’ we’re contemplating a sparkly golden dress and a backdrop of deep emerald hues. Too much for my desaturated dream of dead flowers and pale, naked skin.

At the end of the day, and to be fair, we ended up doing both – you can appreciate the contrast in the full session here. Violetta dutifully obliged, and the fact that she could effortlessly pull off both looks is a testament to her range.