We have teamed up with Venezuelan Carlos Imperatori to engineer our EP “Ain’t Love Grand”, due out in June. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes on each of the songs that make up the album:

“High Noon”

Sometimes we are simply dysfunctional and self-sabotaging. But often times it is the circumstances, the mix of peer pressure, vanity, loneliness and ego that can cajole us into one of those ‘on again, off again’ masochistic relationships. It is a catastrophic mix of lousy friends and poor jobs and miserable living conditions that render us unable to leave – or as Laura tells Rob in “High Fidelity”, ‘I am too tired not to be with you’. “High Noon” is a nod to those toxic relations that – in spite of our better selves – are sometimes unavoidable. Stylistically, the song is a funk with all the stickiness of a hot New York summer afternoon. The track was produced in Madrid by legendary Argentinean producer Didi Gutman (Brazilian Girls, Bebel Gilberto) and mixed in New York by Andrei Tosta.

“Ménage à Trois”

We had gone to the now defunct “Libertine”. After indulging in a number of bottles of champagne, I kept hearing Bauhaus “The Passion of Lovers” in any song they played. I got home at about 3am and with a plane to catch at 7am, sleeping was out of the question. So I layered some tracks, belted out some gibberish lines and sent it to Jette. I made the flight, passed out and forgot everything about it. The next day Jette returned the sexiest, naughtiest lyrics. Always tasteful, Carlos Imperatori polished it into an awesome dance track.

“14th Street”

It was February in New York, the second snow storm in a week. It must have been past 1am when I walked into the F train station at 14th Street, only to hear this lonely girl playing the saddest music on her cello. This moment inspired the melodic drive in the track – and it may have touched a vein, because I showed it to Jette and she came back with the complete lyrics the following day. We recorded it in one session in Miami, and Carlos Imperatori elevated it to soaring heights.

“The Wanting”

A walking bass line, the echo of rusted guitars, the musings of a vampire as she contemplates her prey. The song was born as Jette and I discussed our favorite films of the genre: “Let the right one in”, “Only lovers left alive”, “A girl walks home alone at night”, “The hunger” (from which our song’s title was not so subtly lifted) over several glasses of Basil Hayden’s Rye Whiskey. We went over a few iterations of the song before settling for this one, mixed by Carlos Imperatori.


One evening, in conversation, Jette suggested I wrote a tango song – as if by virtue of being born in Argentina this was something I was able to do. I had to Google what, in fact, made a tango a tango. The result was horrible, as you would expect, but the deconstructed pieces gave us “Closer” – which somehow carried on its intended feel. The teasing nature of the lyrics exalts the sensual origins of the tango music. The track was produced by myself, and expertly mixed by Tweety Gonzalez in Buenos Aires – which gave the song both a surprising uplift and a fitting birthplace.