Beautiful girls, hot new music and posh locations: It hardly gets more Miami than that.

With Nicole Shelley and Gummdrops we looked hard at the downsides of pairing sexy ladies with languid, sensual tracks, and couldn’t find any. So we reached out to South Beach newcomer Casa Boutique Hotel and in a string of radiant mornings, I shot some of Nicole’s models in corner unit overlooking Washington Avenue.

The project clearly exceeds the fashion realm, as it is a rather painless way to get acquainted with the work from new bands emerging from Miami. so far The HoNGs, Millionyoung and /the hours strange* have been featured. You can subscribe to the playlist and get your senses full of music, girls and sunshine. In proper Miami fashion.

*Yes, this is my own band. I guess producing this series comes with some perks. 🙂