The chemistry was there, unmistakable. Watching Periko and Jessi Leon perform in the studio (they were doing an acoustic take of ‘El Regalo’ for Stingray Pause Play), I became progressively drawn to the prospect of shooting a fashion editorial with them. Later on, as I proposed to their management the idea that would become the art for ‘Sal y Pimienta’, I would trace back the influence to Dior’s campaign for ‘Sauvage’ (a concept drawing heavily from romanticized ‘on the road’ Americana).

The idea for our session was based on the concept of ‘yin and yang’, where seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected and interdependent. In this context, Periko’s look was ‘dark’, ‘heavey’ and ‘mysterious’ – borrowing from Dior’s imagery -, whereas Jessi’s was ‘light’, ‘ethereal’ and ‘dreamy’. Each of them, of course, brought their own personalities to the forefront – and their natural chemistry acted as a catalyst to instill the images with a balanced narrative.

Cover of "Sal y Pimienta", by Periko and Jessi León.

Cover of “Sal y Pimienta”, by Periko and Jessi León.

I had the pleasure to interview Periko and Jessi for the Stingray Pause Play series, and emboldened in part because they were awfully nice, and in part because I felt I understood their style, I proposed this photo essay to register their fashion and aesthetics.

Several months later their album is available for sale, and I will encourage you to discover more info on the band visit their website here, or if you are already familiar with their work, to download their album ‘Sal y Pimienta’ here.

Photos: Charlie Tonelli
Style: Yeiniz Nevarez
Hair & Make Up: Angela Fischer
Assistant: Chloe Echivard