Ah, the 80s! A time before we’ve all become politically correct. I witnessed those times firsthand and, ‘though I was personally too dark to pay too close attention to the likes of Nightmares in Wax, the sheer cheeky-ness of these lyrics was certain to catch my attention.

All of this to say that I never intended to write a version of this track, and it all started more or less as a joke. I was performing at a friend’s party and with everyone anticipating obscure references, so I got a kick out covering something so overheard. I also gota a kick out of a woman singing the line ‘open up your loving arms, cause I want some!’

But the song worked better than anticipated and a number of weeks later I was still being asked about it. So we recorded a more proper version in Miami, were I added a heavier bass line. Aimée, who hails from South Africa, added some crushed vocals and Andrei Tosta mixed in NY.

The single, available on July 28, includes also ‘Thieves’, a song I wrote inspired by the relationship between Nick Nolte’s Bob and Nutsa Kukhianidze’s Anne in Neil Jordan’s ‘The Good Thief’. Capturing the danger, the allure, the sexuality and everything that is wrong with that couple was a most enrapturing challenge.