Two years ago, at the not-quite-so-subtle insistence of Jette, I plugged my laptop to a boombox and played some baselines along a few poorly laid down tracks on Logic. On July 21, our first album, AIN’T LOVE GRAND – the direct result of that auspicious evening – will be released.
In the time between, a lot of shit happened. At the beginning it was the chemistry: Our first songs practically wrote themselves, as conversations seamlessly turned into music. Then there was the people – Abbey, Melissa, Dani, Flor and Alejandro in particular, but also so many others – who believed in us. Later came the trips – to Buenos Aires to work with Tweety, to Madrid to visit with Didi, to NY to mix with Andrei. And finally finding Carlos (enormous kudos to to the guys from Viniloversus for the connect), who interpreted our sound – particularly the space for Jette’s voice in the mix – superbly.
And so here we are, with a finished album full of stories and heart. Before it comes out we’d like to have our friends together for a toast, a listening session, and some intimate – stripped down – performance. Not to close a chapter, but to ponder what is next. To celebrate the milestone, our friends at The Anderson will concoct a special drink called, precisely, AIN’T LOVE GRAND.
July 20th, 7pm, The Anderson. We look forward to see you there.