It was a cold February night in New York. The small platform of the F train at 14th Street was nearly deserted, as you would expect on a weekday at 1 am. A young girl played a sad melody made even sadder by the circumstances surrounding her and her cello. The scene stuck with me – the feeling, the cold, the loneliness. We built ’14th St’ from these elements: wrapped in a cacophonous string arrangement (aching to an enclosed train station) and a psychedelic keyboard melody, the voice raises to epic levels. Originally I had buried the bass under all this construct, but with a little mercy – and a lot of brilliancy – our producer Carlos Imperatori brought it back to its rightful place.

This last weekend we shot a live video for the song, under quite different conditions. The cold station in New York gave way to a boisterous gallery in Miami’s Allapatah district: Marienbad Studio hosted a brunch that served as the perfect excuse for us to to gather a few of our friends. It was a significant distance this song had travelled – geographically and emotionally. From a cold NY basement to the sweltering heat of a Miami glassed-enclosed first floor gallery. A distance that seems to have given the song additional depth, and maturity. Like the echo of an old movie with Dietrich or Bogart.