A word of advice for the novice photographer: When you have a four hour window to shoot a visiting actress, do not stake your chances on the whims of Miami’s weather. We had planned to meet on the beach to capture two different looks in the golden hours of the Florida sunset – only to be chased away by a torrential downpour that started at 4pm and ended, it seemed, never.

I’ve worked with Carola before. Before this time around, yes, but also before she became a radio host, a tv personality and finally an actress co-starring on Giovanni Mazzitelli’s offbeat comedy ‘Era Giovanne E Aveva Gli Occhi Chiari’ (‘She [or he] was young and had light eyes’). Amidst promoting the film, rehearsing for her role in the television series ‘Nero’ and contemplating a move in the music business, carving out four hours of her time to shoot feels like I’ve succeeded already.

Scratching our plans to shoot on the beach, we quickly improvised two sets in my studio – one which would work with her music career (all focus on her poise, the voluptuous hair, and the mystery of a directional light), the other a simple profile with a little black dress – to with, it was a Spanish ‘mantilla’ – and a great pair of legs.