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From idea to execution, we work together with artists to maximize their budgets and deliver a memorable feature that helps their careers and gain followers. Our videos have been placed in high rotation on international music channels and been selected for regional premieres.

Multi-camera live broadcast from design to production. We’ve produced a 30 minute live event that garnered 10 million views, a 12 hour-long concert, and anything in-between.

When it comes to press junkets, speed and reliability are paramount – as there are no rooms for errors nor corrections. With a long story of productions in all kind of settings, we work seamlessly in all type of environments.

Oftentimes the best marketing piece to promote your event is –  not ironically – your event. It is important to capture the magic, the essence of what makes it exciting from beginning to climax. Adept at storytelling as well as producing, we start working on the narrative to tell your story way before we turn on the cameras.

Whether you are Cartier or a small new business, nowadays is nearly impossible to get social media traction without video images. From behind the scenes to tutorials, every brand is making sure that they have a strong and regular audiovisual presence. With a strong background in marketing, we work with you to understand your budget and your needs, and tailor the perfect vehicle to showcase your services, product or skills.

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