Boom Goes DK

Way before she was top billing at Nickelodeon’s hit ‘Vicky RPM’, Daniela was blowing people away with her impressive performance as part of ‘La Voz Kids’ (when she wasn’t yet 10 years old).

Even as she progressed to more and more television roles, she always kept music her true passion. It was a matter of time until it would be again at the forefront of her schedule, and the opportunity presented itself when she connected with Bruno Linares, head of production house True Rebel and veteran from the Latin music industry.

Their fist collaboration, a catchy tune called simply and effectively ‘Boom’, is still in production, but taking advantage of a break from Nickelodeon’s schedule, we were able to shoot both the video and some stills at Beach House studio. The video is still in pre-production waiting for the final master, but while we wait, here’s an advance of the session.

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Boom Goes DK
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