“I’m not gonna close my eyes. I’m not gonna speak, move, or breathe…”

Infatuation is such a perilous state of affairs. It lures you in – and you willingly give. It tricks you into believing that you are in control, and it lies to you when it says that you’re winning. And like it is with a powerful drug or a runaway lover, you can’t help but reincide. 

“Closer” is a song about infatuation and it is – perhaps not surprisingly – a Tango at heart. It was Jette’s idea to tease with the thought that, what with Charlie being born in Argentina and all, perhaps they should take a shot at writing one. But as it befits a song about teasing, the task proved elusive. Charlie hated the first attempts.

“I’m not gonna give in… First.”

The original demo was thus thoroughly deconstructed. Completely. And as layers of instruments fell like proverbial veils would fall from a maiden, the tension in “Closer” began to emerge. The lyrics ‘though were never in doubt: Jette wrote them before the first rehearsal (as she waited for the session to start with a wine in one hand, a pen on the other) and everyone loved them.

Polishing the gem was the work of Grammy Award winner producer Tweety Gonzalez and the duo traveled to Buenos Aires for the mix. The song had always been thought of as a B side, but when Tweety was done with it, “Closer” revealed itself unambiguously as The Hours Strange first single.

“But I could (I might). It’s too soon (It’s just right).”

The video for “Closer” was written, produced and shot in 24 hours. One Friday night the band ran into French actress (and model, and dancer) Audrey Mazens and Chef Allan Hughes at a club in Midtown Miami. Allan was about to open his ‘Embassy of Well Being and Debauchery’ and Audrey was leaving town in two days. It all had to happen fast and it did. 

Sometimes flames fire up just like that. They sparkle and they burn, and the moment you least expect it, you’ve been owned.

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