Double Exposure

I wrote the music for this song after watching “The Good Thief” – the massively underrated masterpiece written and directed by Neil Jordan and based on Melville’s “Bob Le Flambeur“. Watching Nutsa Kukhianidze playing the role of her life opposite Nick Nolte will set your screen on fire. But besides the obvious, I was captivated by the grittiness, the loneliness and the surprisingly narrow gap that separates both extremes of high and low living. The idea of ‘double exposure’ may have had its genesis then.

Original poster for the feature film “The Good Thief”.

I wanted the song to play tribute to the story (hence the line ‘promise I won’t regret it’), but I didn’t want it to be ABOUT the story. So I wrote about dysfunctional relationship between a powerful, abusive man, and a vengeful woman who can’t seem to be able to break free despite her better judgement.

The video revolves around these two concepts – the double exposure, representing the more ‘innocent’ nature of the woman with a ‘child’ version of herself, against the sensual nature of the grown up version – and the conflict that arises from inhabiting both these emotional states.

Title: “Promise I Won’t Regret This”
Artist: Électriciennes
Director: Charlie Tonelli
Lead female: CJ Jones
Young lead female: Anita Iacoviello

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Double Exposure
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