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EAT/KISS is an independent record label focused on vintage electronica, with a soft spot for dark insinuation, pop sensibilities and infectious grooves.




Demo Track | Lyrics Video. Perhaps because it was banned when (and where) I grew...



“I’m not gonna close my eyes. I’m not gonna speak, move, or breathe…” Infatuation is...

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Melodically British, sonically French, technically neither – Électriciennes is the solo project of Charlie T: Sensual, downtempo electronica, with grit and a dash of bitters. At the core, the project is a playground to explore Charlie’s unorthodox writing style. However Électriciennes serves as well as a platform to collaborate with peers across the globe. Anchored in the 80s and 90s of his youth, the songs are heavily influenced by both sides of the English Channel: Saint Etienne, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran on the UK side, Air, Sebastien Tellier, Phoenix on the French side. Électriciennes however adds an edgy grit to its music, for a darker and heavier groove.

Listen to Électriciennes‘ first single on Spotify (also available on Apple Music, SoundCloud Go and hundreds of platforms):

The Hours Strange is the pop-noir electronica duo comprised of singer Jette Kelly and bassist-composer Charlie T. Their music spins out of the countless passionate conversations the two have had on books, film, photography and – duh – other people’s songs. Their varied influences can be found on the works of Massive Attack, Won Kar-Wai, Tom Waits, Haruki Murakami, Yasmine Hamdan, Gregory Crewdson, Barry Adamson and on the finest of malts.

Listen to their first EP “Ain’t Love Grand” on Spotify (also available on Apple Music, SoundCloud Go and hundreds of platforms):

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