[video clip]

Astari Nite

“Until the End of the Moon” was shot during the band performing live at Fetish Factory‘s Bloodlust party. To expand on the storyline, additional footage (featuring our very own Flor Frances) was added. The challenge was matching the colorful live performance with the personal narrative, which counterbalances it.

[live broadcast]

Mixmash Live

Laidback Luke’s iconic label Mixmash put together a massive 12 hour party in Miami’s Nikki Beach for Winter Music Conference 2017. Beach House shot and broadcast live the event, covering uninterruptedly 13 DJ sets, 6 backstage interviews and plenty of shenanigans.


New Series

“Autores” is a new hourly format that chronicles the lives and hits of musicians writing the top charters in Latin America… For other artists. Largely moving behind the limelight, these authors are responsible for over 70% of the Top 20 tracks in the market.


/the hours strange

Part medley of the band’s tracks, past question-less interview, this featurette concatenates the songs from the band’s first EP with various self-referencing comments. Shot on location on Miami Beach, Tru Noiz studios and the /the hours strange‘s own studio.



A three minute music monthly news segment hosted by Flor Frances, on topics ranging from new releases, concerts, collaborations video chats with up and coming artists in the region.



Beautiful blonde Ksenia is a bartender in Miami and one of the girls featured in HOSTESS, a multi-platform restaurant guide. This video featurette shows Ksenia at work, at home, water-skiing and doing a photo shoot, while discussing her takes on Miami in particular, life in general and what it is to be on the other side of social entertainment.