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Perhaps because it was banned when (and where) I grew up, perhaps because it’s just that cool, the thing is I have always been quirkily fascinated by the ‘giallo’ genre of film. Why wouldn’t anyone? The random combination of gore and softcore eroticism is just too good to take too serious (and I do mean the ‘combination’ of them, much more than either one of the topics).

At any rate, when I had the first demo of ‘Promise I Won’t Regret This’ (a song that was inspired by a movie, coincidentally – but that’s for another post) I decided to put together this edit with scenes from some of my favorite ‘giallo’ films in order to give Leitvox – who produced the song – a frame of reference of the mood I wanted for the track.

The song now sounds fairly different thanks to Leitvox, but I decided to keep the demo version here for journaling purposes – and to amuse myself with a hint of those fabulous years of excess.

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