In 2016, two unlikely collaborators happened upon a night of bad whiskey and profound storytelling. The topics that Jette and Charlie discussed on the course of that night are as lost as they are unimportant. What is important is that the following night they met again – this time on purpose, this time at a music studio – bent on taking a few risks. They laid down a few tracks, upgraded the booze and agreed to called themselves The Hours Strange.

The Hours Strange is the pop-noir electronica duo comprised of singer Jette Kelly and bassist-composer Charlie T. Their music spins out of the countless passionate conversations the two have had on books, film, photography and – duh – other people’s songs. Their varied influences can be found on the works of Massive Attack, Won Kar-Wai, Tom Waits, Haruki Murakami, Yasmine Hamdan, Gregory CrewdsonBarry Adamson and on the finest of malts.

Jette and Charlie live in opposite ends of the world – if they can be said to truly live somewhere, and if the world does have ends to speak of. Let’s better say that most of the time Jette can be found evading the glittering glamour of Miami Beach, and Charlie may be seen in one of the dark winding alleys below the Shanghai skyscrapers, looking for a smoky jazz club last seen open a hundred years ago. When they meet, music happens.

Listen to The Hours Strange EP “Ain’t Love Grand” on Spotify (also available on Apple Music, SoundCloud and hundreds of platforms):

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